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Shouldn’t make generalizations about people in pro-life movement

Letter to the Editor

04/07/2017 | Comments

This letter is being written in response to a letter by Paula Carnes. She said she was dismayed by a column by the bishop and hearing comments from her parish priest, which obviously favored Trump, solely because of the Democratic stance on abortion. I will simply say that Bishop Sheridan, as the spiritual leader of the Colorado Springs Diocese, does have the spiritual responsibility to teach sound doctrine for the spiritual edification and welfare of his flock. As far as the parish priest supporting Donald Trump is concerned, as a Catholic priest he really had no viable option, did he? After all, a Catholic can either choose to vote for or against someone for president based on where a candidate stands on certain issues, even on other pro-life issues, such as whether or not to engage in certain wars or on capital punishment.

Certain wars are justified, such as U.S. entry into World War II after being attacked at Pearl Harbor. As far as capital punishment goes, the state has a right and a responsibility as well, to protect society from evildoers, by all necessary means; read Romans, chapter 13, verses 1-6. But abortion is never justified, is intrinsically and objectively evil and no Catholic is ever allowed, according to Church teaching and moral law, to vote for a person for president who is pro-choice.

I agree with Mr. Barton and with Paula Carnes that we should support people throughout their lives, not just at birth and death. However, it really goes without saying that we can’t support people their whole lives if their lives are aborted in the very beginning. So the right to life is paramount and supersedes in importance all other rights.

Regarding Ms. Carnes’ claim that many pro-life people didn’t care for children and their lives after they were born and therefore, while they were anti-abortion they were definitely not pro-life. Well, I beg to strongly differ with her on the assessment of pro-life people, as I know that the evidence shows nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, it is wrong to issue a blanket statement, let alone judgment or condemnation, about a large group of people such as referring to “many pro-life people.” Secondly, I would very strongly urge and caution everyone to not be judgmental toward other people and their motives especially, since in the vast majority of cases anyway, we don’t know the circumstances in their individual lives. After all, pro-life people are like all other persons in that probably most of them are married; many, though not all, have children, some have grandchildren. They also have houses, mortgages, sometimes car loans and other financial obligations and have limited time and financial resources. However, in spite of their limited time and resources, many — though certainly not all — pro-life people do make financial donations and do work for or volunteer their time and talents to various pro-life causes and organizations, such as crisis pregnancy centers, the Marian House, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic social services to name just a few. Lastly, many pro-life people serve as foster parents, or adopt children from unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.

In conclusion, I’ll paraphrase the late President Ronald Reagan, who once famously said, “I have noticed that everyone who is in favor of abortion is already alive,” or very similar words, to that same effect!

                Jerry Buckingham

                Colorado Springs

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