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Verdict is still out on alleged apparitions in Medjugorje

Letter to the Editor

04/07/2017 | Comments

Last month, the Bishop of Mostar mentioned his negative opinion regarding the alleged apparitions in Medjugorje. It should be known St. Pope John Paul II had removed all jurisdiction from the Bishop of Mostar and his successors so that he has no authority to make a definitive statement either approving or condemning the alleged apparitions. Thus the bishop’s statement is purely his opinion and is not binding on the faithful. 

St. JPII’s decision was reaffirmed by Pope Benedict XVI.  The Mostar bishop is permitted to act as any bishop would within his own diocese with this one exception.  Only the Vatican can make a definitive statement regarding the alleged apparitions. Unless and until Pope Francis gives jurisdiction back to the bishop of Mostar, it remains in the jurisdiction of the Vatican alone. We fully accept the final pronouncement from the Holy See what ever that may be. For more information, view “Revisit Medjugorje” on

Medjugorje has quickly become the most controversial alleged Marian site in church history.  It ranks in the top four most visited Marian sites on earth attracting over one million pilgrims annually. Jesus spoke of “good fruits” as a means to determine authenticity. The confessionals, Mass attendance, and amount of people returning to the church, and an increase in vocations are unlike anything on planet earth. 

Pope Benedict created a panel, a commission, consisting of theologians, medical doctors, psychologist, priests, scientists, and laypeople to study the alleged apparitions in 2010. The commission completed its findings less than five years  later in 2014. These findings have yet to be published.  Pope Francis has the document and has yet to pronounce its findings. 

Personally, I have visited Medjugorje on three occasions.  Medjugorje helped me to take an active role and participation at Mass. As a result, I attend daily mass, recite a daily rosary with my family, go to confession at least once a month, and attend adoration. We have priests in our diocese who accepted the vocation of Holy Orders as a direct response to Medjugorje. 

The greatest fruit at Medjugorje is not the dancing sun or rosaries changing color, but a conversion, an ineffable love that penetrates deep within one’s heart and mind, making the faith alive and most beautiful.

                Darrin French

                Colorado Springs

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