• Office of Worship
  • Bishop's Office
  • Colorado Catholic Herald
  • Diocesan Tribunal
  • Bishop's Office and Senior Staff

    Responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

  • Child and Youth Protection

    The history of our own diocese reflects a determination to do everything in our power to prevent exploitation of our children and youth.

  • The Colorado Catholic Herald

    Official newspaper of the Diocese
  • Diocesan Tribunal

    The Church's court system which provides justice for all persons who seek an annulment or other judgment.

  • Finance Office

    Provides finance, accounting, employee benefits and property management services.

  • Human Resources

    Human resource management for the diocesan offices, parishes and schools.

  • Information Technology

    Provides Information Technology management and planning services.

  • Marriage & Family Life

    Offers education programs and services to promote an authentic Catholic vision of marriage.  Coordinates  the marriage prep program for the Diocese.

  • Mission Effectiveness

    Responsible for Diocesan planning, goal setting and stewardship and development activities.

  • Office of the Chancellor

    Maintains diocesan records and administers requests for dispensations and permissions necessary in the preparation for marriage.

  • Office of Planned Giving

    The Office of Planned Giving partners with donors and their advisors to help them plan their estate and charitable giving in a way that benefits them, their family and the Catholic Church in Central Colorado.

  • Office of Stewardship and Development

    Serves the Diocese of Colorado Springs by promoting conversion to stewardship as a way of life and by raising funds to support the works of the Church in Central Colorado.

  • Office of Worship

    The Office of Worship's mission is to coordinate liturgies with the bishop and provide liturgical resources to parishes of the diocese.

  • Respect Life

    Organizes and promotes events that foster a greater understanding of the church's teachings to respect life in all its phases.

  • Total Catholic Education (TCE)

    Oversees parish schools, catechetical education programs and ministries.