Do you desire to have an abundant life, genuine happiness and a true freedom? Come, you'll find it In Him!

About Us

Are you seeking a deeper union with God, or just answers to your troubles in marriage, parenting or a job? Maybe you just need to go away for a while from the chaos and busyness of your life to seek quiet moment to refresh and seek the meaning of your existence and mission in this world, to come to know God and to know yourself and come back to your daily life renewed spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Under the careful guidance of In Ipso faculty and priests, a silent retreat presents the greatest opportunity for you to get to know God intimately and to develop a deeper inner relationship with Christ.


February 23-26th and April 4-12th:

El Tesoro Retreat Center, Colorado Springs
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April 27-30th
Nada Retreat Center, Creston
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✓ Confessions ✓ Daily Holy Mass ✓ Daily Spiritual Direction

✓ Daily Introductions to Meditation ✓ Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


$295.00 per person

Want More Information?


If you are seeking more information, please visit to find a retreat that will fit your needs.  This year we offer a three 4-day and two 8-day retreats and you can apply online .  For further information, please call Dana at (720) 231-2660