The Call

The Diocesan Vision Statement and the 2010-2015 Pastoral Plan for the Diocese of Colorado Springs reminded us that:

As disciples of Christ, we [must] take deliberate action to realize the Kingdom of God in our midst.

2010-2015 Pastoral Plan for the Diocese of Colorado Springs

There are many cultural issues: divorce, suicide, attacks against life, sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, and many others.

The Vision statement went on to say that we are all called to work together to address these cultural issues, that “Our call as Catholic is to create a new culture”, however, “even with everyone working together, we will fail if we rely on our own strength; it is only through God’s grace and power that we can transform ourselves, our institutions, and our world. “

As laity, we have a special role in the culture as stated by the Vision Statement:

Our parishioners will take the lead in addressing important social and moral issues that face our society. Founded and formed in their Catholic faith, they will express the unchanging Truth of the Gospel with love and compassion. They will witness to the reality that everything we have is a gift from God and needs to be shared with others for the common good.

The Diocesan Vision Statement

The Response

The Diocesan office of Mission Effectiveness, with the help of some volunteer consultants, developed a response from a lay perspective to help mobilize and focus laity on their role in society from a Church perspective and how they could effectively impact the culture from this perspective. LEL was formed and introduced with a presentation in two kickoff meetings in Sep 2010. Regular monthly meetings started in Nov 2010.