January 17, 2020  |  By VERONICA AMBUUL

COLORADO SPRINGS. John Tosto was a World War II veteran, father of eight children, a business owner, and an accomplished artist. He had also designed and crafted numerous works of art for his parish, Our Lady of the Pines, and other local churches. But when he realized that he would not live to see his final project through to completion, it was devastating.

January 17, 2020  |  By RUSTY KERN

LIMON. The Union Pacific Railroad still thunders past the small town of Limon, 72 miles east of Colorado Springs. Years ago, frequent stops of passenger trains encouraged growth and the founding of the place, but now it’s the highway that brings visitors. Making their way along Interstate 70, travelers come in for a landing to be served by a bright new cluster of gas stations, gift shops, and several chain hotels. Locals enjoy good work here, and many will attend Mass today at Our Lady of Victory, a handsome red brick church founded in 1925. Today — Dec. 15, 2019 — is a special day, and people and luminaries stream in from all over.

January 17, 2020  |  By LINDA OPPELT

COLORADO SPRINGS. When Rick Lentz started donating funds to St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) he didn’t plan to become quite so involved as he is now. What began as simply providing financial support quickly turned into taking some of their online evangelization courses, which soon led him to find out what it would take to become a team leader for Colorado Springs.

December 6, 2019  |  

Photos from events that have taken place within the last month. 

December 6, 2019  |  

Schedules for Advent and Christmas liturgies at diocesan parishes.


When Life Gives You Lemons

Disastrous hail storm becomes opportunity to refurbish St. Paul Church
October 18, 2019  |  By RUSTY KERN

COLORADO SPRINGS. Under the tightly attached black shroud that served as a roof, Deacon Dick Bowles was preparing for the 5:30 p.m. Mass on June 16 inside St. Paul Church. A new roof was scheduled to be put on the next day, but this evening, it consisted only of paper-thin tarps and long felt strips. 


COLORADO SPRINGS. Relics of St. Pio of Pietrelcina — better known as Padre Pio — are touring archdioceses and dioceses around the United States until Nov. 15. The relics will visit St. Mary’s Cathedral on Nov. 3 from 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Bishop Michael Sheridan will celebrate Mass at the cathedral at 9 a.m.

September 6, 2019  |  By JULIE BAILEY

COLORADO SPRINGS. Out of the proceeds of the 2017 Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner, the Salida Pregnancy Resource Center (SPRC) received $10,000 to help them expand their hours and add professional staff in support of their mission to help women during pregnancy.

August 2, 2019  |  

COLORADO SPRINGS. The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which takes place on Aug. 15, is a holy day of obligation this year. 

Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption as a dogma on Nov. 1, 1950, proclaiming that the belief that the Blessed Virgin Mary was taken up body and soul into heaven at the end of her earthly life forms part of the deposit of faith received from the apostles. 

The pope’s proclamation did not include details regarding the manner, time or place in which the assumption occurred.

When the solemnity falls on a Saturday or Monday, the precept to attend Mass is abrogated, according to a 1991 decree by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

June 21, 2019  |  
Sister of St. Francis Laetitia Choi dies at age 80

COLORADO SPRINGS. Sister of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration Laetitia Choi died June 9 at Mount St. Francis. Mass of Resurrection was celebrated June 13, followed by burial in the Mount St. Francis Cemetery. 
Sister Laetitia was born Dec. 11, 1938 in Seoul, South Korea, to Young Jin Choi and Yik Soo Kim. She entered the Congregation of Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Perpetual Help of Seoul and professed final vows on June 26, 1958.

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