We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide Church leaders as they promote justice and healing for victims and survivors of abuse.

We pray for our Holy Father, that he may fulfill his role as good shepherd, and protect the most vulnerable in his flock.

May all civic leaders act in ways that show their commitment to the protection of all, especially children and young people.

May all who work with children and young people be vigilant in protecting them from harm.

We pray that all families strive to provide safe and nurturing environments for children and young people.

May those who have been abused experience Christ’s profound love for them and God’s healing grace.

May God the Merciful Father bring comfort and healing to victims and survivors of sexual abuse within the Church.

We pray that all who provide help for the abused may act with wisdom and compassion in their healing ministries.

We pray that God may grant those affected by abuse in anyway the courage to tell their story and seek healing.

May all priests and religious, through their teaching and witness, lead children and young people to holiness.

We pray that the bishops continue to carry out their promise to protect, and pledge to heal, the most vulnerable in their dioceses.

We pray that all parish communities affected by abuse find healing and reconciliation through the Blessed Virgin Mary.