In his Apostolic Letter motu proprio, Mitis iudex, Pope Francis made some changes to The Code of Canon Law. With these changes, the Pope has introduced a new process for declaring the nullity of a marriage, which is briefer than the ordinary process and is decided by the bishop himself.


There are two essential requirements which must be met before a given case can be admitted to the briefer process before the bishop: 1) both parties must agree to the use of the briefer process in writing, and 2) the Judicial Vicar must deem that the nullity of the marriage is clearly manifest. It must be clear to all involved that the consent required by both parties is only a consent to the use of the briefer process, it is not an agreement to receive an affirmative decision.


The link below contains the paperwork for the briefer process, including the consent forms which must be signed by both parties to the marriage, dated and notarized. Both consent forms must be completed and turned in with the rest of the paperwork, the libellus and required documents in order to begin the process.

Form in English

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