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Charity must be balanced with prudence

Letter to the Editor

01/19/2018 | Comments

Basing immigration on “charity” must be balanced against the reality of the Islamic Doctrine of “Hijra”, which is the process by which Islamic Civilizational Jihadists flood into a country posing as “immigrants,” infiltrate its institutions, construct a parallel society, and finally overthrow the society and Islamize it. We see it manifest around us in non-assimilating “enclaves” that make increasing demands upon us to accommodate “Muslim sensibilities,” which basically is their imposing Shari’a Law upon us slice by slice.

If the Muslims ever obtain full police power in our society, you can count on them doing to us what ISIS did to the Christians in Mosul in June 2014.  We have no moral obligation to take care of several hundred thousand Somalis who have no hope or intention of becoming productive members of our society. Their only purpose is overwhelm and destabilize our country. They consider welfare not as a “helping hand” but as jizya, payments to which Muslims are entitled from “the kuffar.” Eventually they will wage war against us when the time is right.


Dave Petteys

Highlands Ranch

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