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‘Jurassic World’ movie review was off base

Letter to the Editor

08/03/2018 | Comments

I have to disagree with John Mulderig’s review of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (July 6 issue of the Herald).  He identifies the scene in which Jeff Goldblum states “God is not part of the equation” as vaguely anti-religious. Considering the reference is to the actions of Man in recreating the dinosaur (playing God as it were) this could be interpreted to mean the problem exists because we took God out of the equation.

Even more distressing was Mulderig’s failure to note the most Christian part of the film. When the adults decide to let the dinosaurs die (in order to protect their own interests in a safer world) Maisie, the young daughter/granddaughter who is a clone of her mother, releases them. She states “they have a right to live, just as I do.” This acknowledgement by the younger generation of the right to life reflects the current trend of our younger generation to respect life, contrary to the preceding generation “me first” attitudes. Maisie’s acknowledgement of the right to life, even for cloned dinosaurs, goes a long way in reassuring me that our future generations may make the right choice when it comes to respecting the right to life.

                James Bristol


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