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Wayne Paton joins diocese as Donor Relations Manager

12/21/2018 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. The Diocese of Colorado Springs’ Office of Stewardship and Development recently welcomed Wayne Paton as Donor Relations Manager. Paton is a member of St. Paul Parish and a past chairman of the diocesan finance council.

Wayne Paton is a Colorado Springs native who grew up attending Corpus Christi Parish and graduated from Colorado College with a degree in business administration. His entire professional career was spent working at various financial institutions around the Pikes Peak region.

Most recently, he was the head of corporate banking, private banking and wealth management for Ent Credit Union. Prior to that, he managed retail branch operations and corporate banking for J.P. Morgan Chase.

“I principally specialized in corporate banking, helping businesses get started, managing business sales and helping business owners manage wealth from those sales,” Paton said.

“I always took the approach that doing transactions is easy, but the ones that are the most satisfying are the ones where you can develop long-term relationships — where you can help somebody get started in business and then give them advice from time to time with an eye towards helping them achieve their goals — not only in business but also personal goals,” Paton said.

In addition serving on the diocesan finance council, Paton has extensive experience with other nonprofit organizations, including the Colorado Springs Conservatory and Red Cross. He also oversaw philanthropic giving at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Paton said that he is looking forward to putting his experience in corporate banking to work for the benefit of the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

“I will initially be working with our Catholic Legacy Society members to make sure I’m clear about their stated goals, in particular the gifts they’ve entrusted to a parish, an endowment or the diocese as a whole,” Paton said. “We also have a capital campaign going on, and I’ll be working very closely with Jamie Crane, Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving, to leverage my experience on the business side so that we can secure gifts for the campaign,” Paton said.

 “We’ve got a solid team that’s very committed to really making this a top-notch department,” he said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to talk to individuals and business owners about how we can create something good and worthy for the next generation.”

Paton can be reached at 719-866-6564 or For more information on the capital campaign, visit

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