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Jesus is the Healing Balm for Which We Hunger

11/10/2016 | Comments

“Do you accept or reject the progressive agenda?”

The election of 2016 revealed hurt and wounds that everyone experiences, beneath the surface, perhaps because, beneath all the noise, it starkly asked the question: “do you accept or reject the progressive agenda?” As a nation, we are evenly split on that question, as shown by the thin margin in the vote count between two very flawed candidates.


Either way you answered that question, the healing balm we all need is Jesus. Eucharist. The Body and Blood of Jesus our Christ. We need to receive Jesus our Christ to become Jesus our Christ, a beacon of God’s faith, hope, and love on a hill, blazing for all to see.


To receive the Body and Blood and Jesus our Christ we need to first reconcile with Jesus our Christ. This requires looking inward, in humble obedience to God’s law of righteous love, and examining what my own sins are, then asking God to forgive me through his priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Apply healing balm to become healing balm

No matter who you voted for or against, we all hunger for something greater. We are all fallen in sin, and all of us need Jesus to draw us up to his level, that we may become fully human instead of settling for the anguish of sin. Jesus is the healing balm for which we hunger, and we are called to receive his healing balm that we may become his healing balm.

May God startle you with joy!

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