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The Future is Bright!

07/16/2018 | Comments

The Future is Bright

          I was kind of embarrassed to notice my last blog post was in March!  Where does the time go?  I haven’t felt any great inspiration to write much lately…until this week.

          It’s a big week for Campus Ministry.  This Thursday we will present our plans to build a Campus Ministry Center to the City Planning Commission.  God willing, our plans will be approved and we will be able to purchase the property we intend to use to build an 8,000-square-foot building that will serve as the home for Campus Ministry.  The building will contain a 300-seat chapel, offices, study space, a great hall, and lounges where students can pray, study, relax, and use as their home away from home.  It is my hope that this building will help the many Catholic students on campus deepen their faith and grow in their ability to evangelize and help others deepen their faith as well.

          This building won’t be finished in the immediate future.  It is going to take some time…and some money!  I ask your prayers that our fundraising efforts are successful and the very complicated structural and engineering efforts proceed with as little headache as possible.  Students who are beginning their time on campus now should definitely see the completion of this project during their tenure.  It will serve as a home for Campus Ministry for decades to come.

          While the completion of the building won’t happen this semester, there is another exciting development that will begin this semester.  The Diocese has begun a relationship with FOCUS-the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.  A team of three missionaries will begin campus outreach at UCCS this semester, with a fourth missionary scheduled to join the team starting the second semester.

          FOCUS has been very successful on campuses around the country.  The missionaries will work in close collaboration with me and others to help our students deepen their faith, grow in their ability to share it with others, and work to grow our community so Campus Ministry provides a place for students to live authentically Catholic lives on campus.  We are extremely grateful to donors in the Diocese who have stepped up to generously help us endow this program in the near term.  Endowing FOCUS for the long term future is a component of our capital campaign fundraising efforts.  It will be amazing for FOCUS missionaries to be on site as we grow in to this new building as well. 

          And to top it off, we have a new deacon!  Deacon Chris Phelps has been assigned to assist me in my efforts to grow Campus Ministry.  His presence will be a welcome addition to the staff.

          So, you can see why I haven’t been writing much these past months.  Thank you in advance for your prayers, especially for our Planning Commission meeting this week, our fundraising work, and a successful start to a new academic year.  The future is bright!