The following organizations are not offices or agencies of the Diocese of Colorado Springs. They are organizations active in the Catholic community with the permission of the bishop. 


Agapè Catholic Ministries

Christian or Christine Meert: 719-471-9702,

*Catholic Marriage Preparation:  Purpose: Fulfills the second step of the diocesan requirements for marriage preparation (spiritual, sacramental and human skills).     Available in person or online, both in English and Spanish.

*Ministry to the Newly Married:

*Catholic Communication Cure:

*Online Catholic Quince Prep:

*Online Baptismal Preparation: /baptism-prep


Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Contacts: Bonnie Valcik, 719-390-8652. Email: Sandy Cozad, Regent, 392-1826. State Website:

Purpose: A National Organization for all Catholic women looking for a way to make the world a better place with others who share their Catholic values. We are the largest Catholic women’s organization situated throughout the USA, Virgin Islands, Guam, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Saipan and we help promote the teachings of the Holy Father. Meetings are held at St. Dominic Parish, 5354 S. Hwy 85/87 in Security, on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:45 p.m. in the Narthex of the Church from September to June.  


Catholic Engaged Encounter

Local Coordinating Team Leaders: Position Vacant. Mailing address: Catholic Engaged Encounter, Attn: Esperanza Griffith, Diocese of Colorado Springs, 228 North Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs 80903. Email: Website:


Community of the Teresian Carmel and The Little Way Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

President: David Bell, OCDS. 902 Tari Drive, Colorado Springs 80921. Phone: 719-660-2645. Email: Formation Director: Mary Frances Harrison, OCDS. P.O. Box 88337, Colorado Springs 80908. Email:

The community was canonically established on October 1, 2011, in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. 


Couple to Couple League

Contact: Charles and Christine McIntyre (chapter coordinator). Phone: 719-243-9216. Email:; Website:

Couple to Couple League offers natural family planning classes for engaged couples and others.


Cursillo Movement

Lay Director: Cindy Lopez; Spiritual Advisor: Rev. Jaimes Ponce, email:; Contact: Cindy Lopez, Website:

Purpose: Offers men’s and women’s three-day weekends, monthly follow-up Ultreyas and other religious/social activities throughout the year. Provides ongoing formation to diocesan leaders of the Cursillo Movement. 


Disciples on the Way

Contacts: Lyn Rooney. Phone: 719-648-1194. Email:  Connie Pratt. Phone: 719-331-9786.

Purpose:  Helping lay people learn how to gently and persuasively share the Faith, consistent with our first pope’s words (1 Peter 3:15: “Always be prepared to make a defense…for the hope that is in you”) and with the call for the New Evangelization.


Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

Colorado-area Councilors: Sir Jim Broski, KC*HS and Lady Suzanne Broski, LC*HS; 9299 S. Lark Sparrow Trail, Highlands Ranch 80126. Phone: 303-470-9042. email: Website: 





Knights of Columbus





Knights of Columbus Halls (in numerical order)
Council No. Council Name Contact Mailing Address
Council No. 582 Colorado Springs Larry Dunn 3122 Poinsettia Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Council No. 625 Our Lady of the Woods Peter Tysdal P.O Box 1025
116 S. West St.
Divide, CO  80814-1025
Council No. 681 Leadville William M. Skala P.O. Box 3
Leadville, CO  80461
Council No. 1296 Salida Carlo Martinez 340 E. Fifth St
Salida, CO  81201
Council No. 1498 St. Mark Chris Chavez 9905 Foothills Canyon Blvd
Highlands Ranch, CO  80129
Council No. 2099 Stratton Ben Miltenberger 611 Colorado Ave.
P.O. Box 86
Stratton, CO  80836
Council No. 3247 Mother Cabrini Gerald Whipple 425 H Ave.
Limon, CO  80828
Council No. 3252 Immaculate Heart of Mary Monte Smith 120 S. 1st St. E
Cheyenne Wells, CO  80810
Council No. 4636 Holy Family - Security David J. Iten 567 Marquette Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO  80911
Council No. 4699 Divine Redeemer Gerald Williams 926 Farragut Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO  80909
Council No. 5768 Burlington Joe Ledesma 1076 Rose Ave.
Burlington, CO  80807
Council No. 7520 Brothers in Christ Corey Rivera 2318 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO  80907
Council No. 7752 Buena Vista Jeffrey Hansen 118 S. Gunnison Ave.
Buena Vista, CO  81211
Council No. 7880 Ave Maria Rob Albano 9056 E. Parker Rd.
Parker, CO  80134-1403
Council No. 8200 Our Lady of the Skies Dave Di Nuzzo Air Force Academy
Council No. 8909 St. Francis of Assisi Jim Trompeter 2746 E. Highway 86
Castle Rock, CO  80104
Council No. 9993 St. Patrick James Davis 6455 Brook Park Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO  80918
Council No. 10937 Highlands Ranch Timothy Pimmel 5761 McArthur Ranch Rd.
Littleton, CO  80124
Council No. 11514 St. Peter Chuck Hardy III 55 N. Jefferson St.
Monument, CO  80132
Council No. 11634 St. Paul Nicholas Longo 9 El Pomar Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80906
Council No. 11730 Our Lady of the Pines Mark Clark 11020 Teachout Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80908
Council No. 11918 Visitation-Elizabeth Jeff Blaisure 34201 County Rd.
P.O. Box 1689
Elizabeth, CO  80177
Council No. 12228 Mount St. Francis Tony Gonzalez-Padron 2650 Parish View
Colorado Springs, CO  80919
Council No. 12335 Sts. Gabriel and John Vianney Bobby Gamble 8755 Scarborough Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO  80920
Council No. 12718 Our Lady of Guadalupe Richard Hernandez 2715 E. Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO  80909
Council No. 13099 St. Joseph the Worker Teenan Anderson 1830 S. Corona Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO  80911
Council No. 13981 Tri-Community Ernest Ferguson 2021 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO  80904
Council No. 14338 Holy Apostles Rick Ragaller 4925 N. Carefree Circle
Colorado Springs, CO  80917

Fourth Degree Assemblies

Assembly No. Assembly Name Contact Mailing Address Serves
Archbishop Urban J. Vehr No. 88 Faithful Navigator Kevin Stipak Divine Redemer
926 Farrgut Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs
Leadville No. 92 Faithful Navigator Ray Dawson 609 Poplar St.
Leadville, CO  80461
Holy Family No. 96 Faithful Navigator Walt Parsons 567 Marquette Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs
Black Forest
Rev. Alphonse Keiffer No. 1825 Faithful Navigator Michael E. New Cheyenne Wells
Father Raphael C. McCarthy No. 2294 Faithful Navigator Dennis Gilmore Centennial
Surrounding Areas
Most Rev. Father Robert E. Kekeisen No. 2594 Faithful Navigator Randy Elmer
Meetings alternate between
St. Peter in Monument and St. Gabriel.
Colorado Springs
St. Joseph No. 2618 Faithful Navigator John Lynn 10793 Vista Rd.
Parker, CO 80138
Phone:  303-805-3873
Castle Rock

Morning Star Lay Carmelite Community

Director: Sue Athey, T.O.Carm. Phone: 719-265-6999; Email:  
Purpose: Provides instruction and ongoing community support for furthering your prayer life and relationship with God following the traditional teaching and spirituality of the Carmelites. Carmelite spirituality includes, but is not limited to, cultivating a personal relationship with God, studying the works of Carmelite saints and authors, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, and reading Sacred Scripture using Lectio Divina.

Praying Prodigals Home

Contacts:  Stephanie Kemp. Phone: 719-481-4355. Email: Connie Pratt. Phone: 719-331-9786. Email:
Purpose: Regularly gathering Catholics concerned about fallen-away family and friends to jointly pray for their loved ones, offer each other encouragement and support, and learn to more effectively explain the teachings of Christ and His Church.

St. Thomas Aquinas Society

President: Therese Lorentz. P.O. Box 62908, Colorado Springs 80962-2908. Phone: 719-448-0020. Website:
Purpose:  The St. Thomas Aquinas Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization for the purpose of prayer and education in the Catholic faith. This is accomplished through spiritual events such as retreat days, healing Masses and an annual conference each August.


Catholic Committee on Scouting, Diocesan of Colorado Springs; Chaplain: Deacon Richard Bowles Jr., Phone: 719-471-9700, Email:
Committee Chair: Curtis O’Connell, 6145 Moorfield Ave., Colorado Springs 80919-4802. 719-590-1104,

Ave Maria, Parker. Representative: Bob White, 303-335-7230,   
*Pack 868 Chair: Marc Bernica, 303-400-9253, 
*Pack 868 Cubmaster: Brian Schrameyer, 303-841-7704,
*Troop 868 Chair: Vince Rousseu, 720-379-5984,
*Troop 868 Scoutmaster: Dennis Hopper, 303-328-5216, 
Corpus Christi, Colorado Springs. Representative: Charles McIntyre, 719-475-2250,
*Troop 21: Chair: Thomas Ghigleri, 719-634-0687,
*Troop 21 Scoutmaster, John Berdon, 719-362-0884,
*Pack 21: Charles McIntyre, 719-475-2250,
*American Heritage Girls Troop CO OOO2: Contact: Lisa Roach, 719-487-3011,
*Girl Scout Troop 206: Contact: Carol Pepper, 719-310-5165, 

Divine Redeemer, Colorado Springs. Representative: Rev. Brian Roeseler, 314-712-0050, 
*Pack 27: Chair: Teresa Vieira, 719-650-9132,
*Pack 27 Cubmaster, Zachary Taylor, 719-447-9637
*Troop 27: Chair: Gloria Martinez, 719-233-6577,
*Troop 27 Scoutmaster, Jeffrey McLaughlin, 719-633-7735,
*Crew 27 Chair: Jean Dole, 719-637-9294,
*Crew 27 Advisor: Daryl Hild, 719-596-5751,
*Girl Scout Troop 58: Contact: Karen Pinterpe, 719-494-8099,

Holy Apostles, Colorado Springs. Representative: John Helinski, 719-574-5330, 
*Pack 127 Chair: Gregory Allen, 719-640-1687,
*Pack 127 Cubmaster: David Kelly, 719-544-3133,
*Troop 127 Chair: George Ott, 719-637-3498,
*Troop 127 Scoutmaster: David Headlee, 719-637-0320,

Holy Trinity, Colorado Springs.. Representative: Michael Bartusek, 719-266-5212, 
*Pack 68: Chair: Rod Emenaker, 719-599-5404, Scoutmaster, Tom McClernan, 719-594-4768,

Pax Christi, Littleton. Contact: Pack 783 and Troop 783 Contact: Julie Sweeney, 303-683-8182,
Sacred Heart Council #3252 Knights of Columbus - Cheyenne Wells. Representative: Richard Sexson, 719-767-5840. 
*Pack 44: Chair: Devin Dickey, 719-767-8905,
*Pack 44: Cubmaster, Hillarie Gilmore, 303-513-1389,
*Troop 44: Chair: Devin Dickey, 719-767-8905,
*Troop 44: Scoutmaster, Eric Palmer, 719-767-2052,
St. Dominic, Fountain. Representative: Walter Parsons, 719-390-1422,
*Pack 73: Chair: Angela Nelson, 719-553-8519,
*Pack 73:Cubmaster: Georgina Hamby, 719-375-4894,
*Troop 39: Chair: James Vacik, 719-442-0094,
*Troop 39 Scoutmaster: Richard Hunter, 719-392-1300,
St. Francis of Assisi, Castle Rock
*Pack 260 Parish Contact: Nick Rieth, 303-660-8415,
*Pack 260 Cubmaster: Heath Haynes, 425-444-1229,
*American Heritage Girls CO 8909 Contact: Sheri Cahill, 303-378-5943,;
St. Francis of Assisi, Colorado Springs.  Representative: Kelly Corbett, 719-694-8949,;
*Troop 366 Chair: Mary Lorette Taylor, 719-268-6332,
*Troop 366 Scoutmaster: Richard Chatham, 719-634-2321,
St. Gabriel the Archangel, Colorado Springs.  Representative: Oscar Valdez, 719-599-3805,
*Pack 246 Chair: Greg Prestgard, 719-332-4012,
*Pack 246 Cubmaster: Delores Huffman, 719-323-0023,
*Troop 246 Chair: Dennis Dvorak, 719-531-0461,
*Troop 246 Scoutmaster: Joe Houk, 719-333-0609,
*American Heritage Girls CO 2000 Contact: Rhonda Feddes, 719-488-1590,
St. Mark, Highlands Ranch. Representative: Christopher Harden, 720-482-1012,
*Troop 873 Chair: Steve Hatcher, 720-270-9314,
*Troop 873 Scoutmaster: Greg Ostravich, 303-791-7155,
St. Patrick, Colorado Springs. Representative: Michael Wirth, 719-594-9802,
*Pack 268 Chair: Paul Koch, 719-266-5497,
*Pack 268 Cubmaster: Andrew Dark, 719-282-8152,
*Troop 268 Chair: Paul Jones, 719-264-1462,
*Troop 268 Scoutmaster: Doug Troutman, 719-593-9212,
*American Heritage Girls CO 1876: Contact: Leigh Ann Wyckoff, 719-684-3751,

St. Paul, Colorado Springs.
*Troop 1 Representative: Carol Beckman, 719-527-1384,
*Troop 1 Chair: Paul “Tony” DeCarolis, 719-577-2555,
*Troop 1 Scoutmaster: Brian Matthiesen, 719-243-0658,
*Girl Scout Troop 910 Contact: Lee Ann Nelson, 719-576-2745,

St. Paul, Knights of Columbus # 11634, Colorado Springs.
*Crew 360 Representative: James Moore, 719-390-4713,.
*Crew 360 Chair: William Kugler, 719-434-8023,
*Crew 360 Advisor: Christina Huschak, 719-375-5673,


St. Peter, Monument.  Representative: Melissa Meifert, 719-488-6596,

*Pack 217 Chair: Stephanie McClernon, 719-439-6336,
*Pack 217 Cubmaster: Robert Andzik, 719-487-0470,
*Girl Scout Contact: Sonja Beaudoin, 719-488-1319,
*USAFA Knights of Columbus # 4114436. Representative: Daniel Knox, 719-488-8200,
*Troop 79: Chair: Frank Calloura, 719-322-3109,
*Troop 79 Scoutmaster, Kevin Pacht, 719-266-4059,


Trail Life - Cornerstone Community Church Representative: J.P. Rouleau, Troop CO-0217 Committee:

Trail Life - First Baptists Church of Black Forest Representative: Forrest Hindley, Troop CO-0313 Troopmaster: Paul McCombs, 334-318-9100,


Serra Club

Contact: Eleanor Gentilini, vice president for membership. Vocations Office, Diocese of Colorado Springs, 228 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs 80903. Phone: 719-576-0641. Website: Email:

The Serra Club of Colorado Springs promotes vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life. 

Society of St. Vincent De Paul

Contact: Frank McCann, St. Patrick Church, 6455 Brook Park Dr., Colorado Springs 80918. Phone: 719-598-3595, ext. 117. Email:


Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Contact: Lindsay Kough, KM. Phone: 303-886-1954. Email:   Website:


The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta has the mission of defending the faith and assisting the poor and suffering. The order has brought and cared for pilgrims seeking healing to Lourdes, France, every Spring.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter — Southern Colorado

Local Contacts: Registration couple: 719-591-9045. PO Box 7721, Colorado Springs, CO 80933. Email: Website: