St. Mary - Flagler
St. Mary - Flagler
Office/Rectory: (719) 775-9382
Emergency: (720) 549-0027
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PASTOR: Rev. Tomasz Jamka

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Please see Our Lady of Victory, Limon

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Confessions — Saturdays 3:15–3:45 p.m. (See schedules for Our Lady of Victory and St. Anthony, Hugo)


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(See schedules for Our Lady of Victory, Limon, and St. Anthony, Hugo)

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Loveland Ave & W 4th St
Flagler, CO 80815
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Parish History

In early January 1947, Denver Archbishop Urban J. Vehr granted Father Edward Dinan permission to say Mass
and “administer whatever sacraments might be necessary or useful” in Flagler. Father Dinan was traveling to
Flagler once a month from St. Charles Church in Stratton. By the end of that same January, Father Dinan had a
plan in place to purchase a school building for $1,775 and have it moved to Flagler. The people in Flagler signed
up to furnish the foundation for the building. Archbishop Vehr pledged $500 for “either the construction work or
for the furnishings of the interior of the chapel.”

After the construction of the foundation and addition of a vestibule, the church was ready for the fi rst offi cial Mass
on Oct. 26, 1947. Father Dinan reported that approximately 75 people attended Mass every Sunday. By 1952,
Father Dinan was in the early stages of planning for a school. In July 1959, St. Mary Parish got a new church, as
was reported by The Flagler News.

Along with new shrubs and benches in the front the church the parish has recently dedicated a new statue of Mary.