Letter from Holly Goodwin to Our School Families

Dear Catholic School Families,

By now most know that the area public schools have made the decision to close schools for two weeks, March 16th through March 27th.  I have been in contact with the area superintendents for the past several days.  Many factors were considered in making the decision, some relevant to Catholic schools, some more relevant to public schools.

The current data from the health department is 44 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of Colorado.  There is one confirmed case in El Paso County and no confirmed cases in any school in Colorado Springs.  There have been no reports of cases in any of our Catholic schools, here or in the Douglas County area.  Additional information is scheduled for release late Friday.  Those facts were cause for hesitation but some of the area public schools are dealing with families being asked to self-quarantine or are waiting for results that appear will be positive.  For the safety of our students and the good of the community, the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs will join the public schools and close for two weeks beginning Monday March 16th.

The decision to close the Catholic schools was difficult because we understand that it will have an impact on our parents and families but it was made primarily with the safety of your children in mind.  The teachers have been preparing for this possibility for several weeks.  Online learning will continue for older students and learning packets will be sent home for younger students.  Learning will continue during the additional week off.  Each school will be sending out specifics on their approach. 

In addition, all athletic events for diocesan schools have been canceled through March.  All school sponsored out of state trips have been canceled through April.  These decisions will be re-evaluated based on state and national guidelines in March and April.

Please continue the current prevention guidelines of washing hands, coughing into sleeve and social distancing.  The schools will be cleaned and disinfected during the next two weeks.  We ask that if anyone in your family comes in contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus or anyone in your family becomes ill with the virus, that you please contact you school administration immediately.

School is scheduled to resume Monday, March 30th for all diocesan Catholic schools.  We will remain in contact with public health officials, elected leaders and state agencies to inform future decisions.

Thank you for your understanding and support.  Lead your children in prayer for those who are sick, for those searching for a cure and for our community and country.  

Thanks and God Bless,

Holly Goodwin
Superintendent of Catholic Education
Diocese of Colorado Spring