The Colorado Springs Council for Black Catholics (CSCBC) will be awarding one or more scholarships to students entering fourth through twelfth grades in Catholic schools within the Diocese of Colorado Springs for the academic school year 2024-2025.

CSCBC scholarships are independent of any other scholarship(s) available and requires its own application.

Scholarships will be awarded to selected applicants with no regard to ethnicity.

The application deadline has passed.
Schools and applicants will be notified of the selection results by the end of June 2024.


In 1990 the Colorado Springs Council for Black Catholics (CSCBC) formed under the direction and endorsement of Bishop Richard C. Hanifen as a council to enhance our identity as Afro-American Catholics doing God’s work, and to give one another strength, encouragement, and fellowship.

As such, we became involved in a number of activities which allow us to more actively share in accomplishing our mission and to experience the spiritual growth we continually seek.

In 2022 the council implemented its Junior Membership for individuals 13-17 years old.

We are blessed to be a recipient of a grant from the Black and Indian Mission Office to pursue our evangelization and outreach efforts.

The council is diocese-wide.


    Mission Statement

  • With Christ as our model, provide fellowship and share His word.
  • Share talents as we bring new life into the Catholic church.
  • Provide positive role models.
  • Share resources and network with other organizations to provide services.
  • Advocate for Social Justice issues within the diocese.


    Our patron saint is St. Martin de Porres.

    Our motto is "BE SEEN" (Building, Enlightening, Service, Educating, Evangelizing, Networking).


The CSCBC "Black Catholic Series" is on YouTube. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

As part of our outreach, we provide books related to black Catholics to K-12 and college Catholic educational institutions and parish libraries within the diocese. Contact the school/parish for access to the books.



Phone: Dial 1-719-822-1261

Mailing Address: 228 N.Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Meetings:  3rd Saturday of the month, 11am-1pm, Holy Apostles Catholic Church library, 4925 N. Carefree Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

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Donations, and all proceeds from fundraisers benefit the CSCBC Scholarship Fund. The fund helps us provide financial assistance to students attending Catholic schools (through 12th grade) in the diocese.

Please register and use your King Soopers Loyalty Card to support our Scholarship Fund. 


Regular meetings are held at Holy Apostles Catholic Church library the third Saturday of the month from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please join us!

If you are interested in joining or supporting our ministry, or if you have any questions please call or send an email. 


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