As Catholics in the Diocese of Colorado Springs, led by our Bishop and in communion with our Holy Father the Pope, we are committed to deepening our union with Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, and formation – and to bringing Christ to the world through word, witness, and service.


Created in January 1984, the Diocese of Colorado Springs serves a territory that spans 10 central and eastern counties of Colorado.  The Diocese serves nearly 190,000 Catholics in 39 parishes and missions.  The Diocese and its parishes provide religious education and formation to more than 5,000 students. To keep up with the needs of the Diocese's growing population, its social outreach continues to expand.  Last year, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado Springs assisted over 195,700 individuals and families. 

  • Counties Served: 10
  • Square Miles: 15,493
  • Five Deaneries: Northern, Metro North, Metro South, Eastern, Western
  • Parishes: 39
  • Estimated Catholic Population: 194,953
  • Total Population: 1,218,457
  • Religious Community Serving the Diocese:
    • 1 Bishop, 1 Bishop Emeritus
    • 81 Priests (including retired and active outside the Diocese)
    • 87 Permanent Deacons (including retired)
    • 2 Religious Brothers
    • 60 Religious Sisters
    • 12 Seminarians


The Diocese of Colorado Springs' coat of arms was designed by Bishop Richard C. Hanifen upon the diocese's creation in 1984. Placed on a field of azure blue, a silver and white snowcapped, purple mountain fills the upper section of the shield, highlighting Pikes Peak as a focal point in the physical topography of the diocese. The presence of a loving, faithful God as rock, refuge and strength is represented for the community of believers in this "mountain of the Lord" found in the book of Isaiah.

Centered, the blue-and-silver waters of the springs depict the episcopal seat of the diocesan territory; these waters also signify the saving watersof baptism through which people of diverse backgrounds and cultures profess that "there is but one body and one spirit, one Lord, one failth, one baptism, one God and Fatherof all who works through all and is in all." (Eph 4:4-5)

In the lower area of the shield, three interlocking circles of gold reflect the trinitarian concepts of mutuality, community and prophecy calling the people to be a sign and sacrament of the reign of God growing within them, and to announce the good news of Christ's presence in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.