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Counties served by the Diocese of Colorado Springs

Created in November of 1983, the Diocese of Colorado Springs serves a territory that spans 10 central and eastern counties of Colorado.  The Diocese serves more than 190,000 Catholics in 39 parishes and missions.  The Diocese and its parishes provide religious education and formation to more then 9,012 students. To keep up with the needs of the Diocese's growing population, its social outreach continues to expand.  Last year, Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs assisted over 240,000 individuals and families. 

The Diocese of Colorado Springs serves ten counties in the center of Colorado and is divided into five Deaneries.  Within those Deaneries, the Diocese serves a total of 39 parishes that covers an estimated area of over 15,000 square miles across central Colorado. A "deanery" is the canonical term for a grouping of parishes within a diocese. Deaneries are formed by geographic region.  A "parish" is an ecclesiastical district having its own church and member of the clergy.