Catholic Biblical School

In response to the Second Vatican Council’s call for renewal in the study of Scripture, the Catholic Biblical School of Denver was founded to give adults the tools and skills they need to hear anew the invitation of their Lord in the pages of the Bible…to follow Him.  Since then, many Biblical School students too have found themselves in the footsteps of their Lord.

Here at the Biblical School, we have assembled a first-rate team of experienced instructors with a deep love for the Catholic faith.  Through lectures, small-group discussions and weekly coursework, they will guide you through the Bible and demonstrate the relevance of God’s Living Word in the world today.   In addition, the Biblical School offers prayer days and retreats throughout the year, pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Greece, and Rome, as well as continuing education for graduates of the School.

Classes will be offered at St. Gabriel and St. Patrick.  For more information, click here to learn more about the Catholic Biblical School.


>Class Schedule offered in the Diocese of Colorado Springs