Center for Evangelization and Catechesis (CEC)

EC courses are highly interactive, designed to engage you in your faith. CEC programs are not distance-education models. Rather, we believe that live instruction and person-to-person interaction holds a privileged place of blessings for evangelization and catechesis.


All courses focus on deepening our understanding of God acting in and influencing every facet of our lives from our participation in Mass and the Sacraments to our prayer life and how we go about our daily activities.


All instruction is in strict fidelity to magisterial teachings and our Bishop’s diocesan plan.


CEC instructors are fully qualified. All lead instructors hold advanced degrees from the Augustine Institute or other accredited institution. Several deacons also have presented as part of CEC programs.


The primary mission of CEC is to help adult Catholics in the Diocese of Colorado Springs to deepen their faith, bear witness to their faith, and expand their awareness of God acting in and through every facet of our lives.