What is Culture?

Depending on perspective and purpose, culture can have several definitions. One, of three, proposed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that is consistent with LEL usage, is that culture is:

[a] collective system for evaluating ideas, actions, events and therefore an ensemble of "models" of behaviour. Every "culture" understood this way presumes a "scale of values" proposed and accepted within a certain human group. For this reason we can speak of a "positivist culture", an "idealist culture", a "Marxist" or a "radical culture".

Catholic Culture for True Humanism
Cardinal Giacomo Biffi
Archbishop of Bologna

A more general definition might be that culture represents the underlying ideas and beliefs in a society that motivate its activities and forms its sense of values.  The Culture is to Society as the Soul is to the Body.

Cultural Issues

To the left are several key issues in today’s American (and Colorado Springs) culture where the prevailing belief system either reflects, or is moving toward, a set of values that is contrary to Catholic belief.  The intent is to provide information on the issue and define the prevailing or trending cultural belief as well as the Catholic belief.  If we, as laity are to make in impact on the culture, we need to be aware of the issues, the Catholic belief concerning them, and why the current cultural belief is harmful to our society.  We can then better conform our own lives to the truth and be prepared to address the issue with love and faith as the issue arises in our day-to-day lives.  We can also respond to more actively address specific issues as God calls us.

NOTE:  The issues are underdevelopment
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