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Appearance of priest and religious sister at convention implied acceptance of platform

Letter to the Editor

09/18/2020 | Comments

It is not what they said . . . it is where they said it.  It was a mistake for the Father James Martin and Sister Simone Campbell to speak at the Democratic convention. Their very appearance — not their carefully crafted words — provided an unfortunate legitimacy.

Thousands of Catholics think the unwavering championing of on-demand abortion — a platform anchor of the Democrat party — is the greatest government fail and the greatest human tragedy of our time.  By simply appearing at the DNC, our representatives have indicated to the entire nation that abortion is just one area of disagreement in a sea of policy issues where the church and the liberal arm of the U.S. government can find common ground. 

Father Martin and Sister Campbell are not alone in this quest. Many of today’s church leaders present similar views, some within the very walls of the Vatican.  Even the recent — and shockingly mainstream — discussions of late term abortion (up to the very moment of natural birth) does not have the power to shake the “but it’s only one issue of many” stance held by a surprising number of us.  Shoulder-shrugging relativism is often presented as pragmatic in our communities.

A million beating hearts are snuffed out every year in this otherwise altruistic country!  This is an estimate — perhaps even a low-ball estimate — because the mechanisms for tracking abortions are not in place.  In a few Democratic strongholds, accurate tracking is simply not allowed.  In New York City alone, some estimates indicate more black babies are now aborted than are born alive.  This is infanticide on an industrial scale.  How do we compartmentalize a holocaust as horrifying as any other in our shared human history?  What other policy conversations do we have that compare with this one?  What other front-burner issues are on par with the willful destruction of innocent human life?

This morning Father Martin appeared on MSNBC to criticize Lou Holtz for saying Joe Biden is not a true Catholic.  I might not entirely agree with Coach Holtz’s categorization, but have no problem saying that anyone who openly supports late-term abortion should first disassociate themselves from the Catholic Church.  Although the old coach would look dapper in a clerical collar, he is a civilian with an opinion, not an official representative of the church.  

In the meantime, my heart breaks for the lost children — children who deserved so much more from us. These divine sparks with no earthly names are all God’s children.  I believe Christ gathers every single one to him, and names them in his kingdom.   

H. Mike Junge


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