ST. BENEDICT HOMESCHOOL GROUP meets every First Friday of the month for a student Mass at 7:00am at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Falcon, followed by a bring-your-own breakfast.  Afterward, there is an activity related to living out our Catholic faith and celebrating the liturgical year for students in pre-K through junior high, while highschoolers participate in an apologetics discussion.  Highschoolers also meet ever Second Wednesday of the month for apologetics, debates, and lectio divina.  

This homeschool group also meets every Third Friday of the month for a group outing: ice skating, children's museum, field trip, share fair, local park date, etc.  Our Sacred Heart Children's Choir provides the sacred music for the student Masses and rehearses once a month.  For moms, there are summer and winter book study series, moms' nights out, clothing and book swaps, and a Group Me chat.  We also sponsor home educating info nights for those new to homeschooling or discerning homeschooling for their family, and our members coordinate authentically Catholic scouting groups at St. Benedict: Troops of St. George, Little Flowers Girls Club, and Little Women.  

Members do not have to be registered at St. Benedict Catholic Church to be involved, and there is no membership fee. For additional information, please visit https://www.stbenedictfalcon.org/homeschool-group or contact us at homeschoolers@stbenedictfalcon.org.

ST. GABRIEL’S ROMAN CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOLERS (SGRCH) is a diocesan-wide group of Catholic homeschooling families sponsored by St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church.  Members need not belong to our sponsoring parish to join; all Catholic homeschooling families in the diocese are welcome.

Our purpose is to support, mentor, and enrich each other as we journey through the adventures of homeschooling. We offer an active online discussion forum, Children’s Holy Hours, prayer exchanges, guest speakers, peer mentoring, parties celebrating various feast days, teen dinner-dances, and special events. Members also organize smaller group activities for each other such as field trips, park days, nights out for mothers, summer studies, etc.

All members agree to act in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Father and the Magisterium, as well as to abide by the membership agreement. For basic security purposes, if a prospective member is not known to a current member, we require a face-to-face meeting prior to allowing membership.

CONTACT INFO: Please email the Director of Faith Formation at St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church, Deacon Mike McGrady, at mmcgrady@saintgabriel.net or visit our site page to initiate contact or request membership https://www.homeschool-life.com/CO/SGRCH (Business solicitations are not encouraged).