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Truth encompasses more than the abortion issue

Letter to the Editor

10/18/2019 | Comments

I’m fascinated by the dialogue between Ms. Harris and Mr. Whelan in the “Letters to the Editor” section.  I am a lifelong Catholic and am in agreement that the Church needs to be more welcoming, but also that the church must be more relevant to the congregation.  
There seems to be an assumption by Ms. Harris and many others that you can’t be both welcoming and speak the truth.  I would love to hear my priest speak about relevant moral and spiritual issues in a frank manner that are positive and helpful. I often get a sermon on church rules and how poor we are at following them, and how hard it is to get to eternal life. 
It would be so wonderful to walk out of church inspired and ready to meet my week in a positive way.  What I often get is the feeling that I endured a lecture on what not to do.  So why do I go? Because that is the only way I can get close to Jesus through the Eucharist, which is my ultimate goal.  
But here is my pet peeve about the way Church teaching is being presented: we are constantly bombarded with the issue of abortion, at every turn: before Mass, during the rosary, during the petitions in the Mass, during homilies, in all literature and signage. 
The Church teaches that we are pro-life, and that is the truth. But I have never heard a thing at Mass about gun violence and the fear we are living under because of it.  So many innocents have died, and our country has done nothing to stem the tide of violent assault weapons.  Isn’t that a pro-life issue?  We are told to vote for any candidate that is pro-life, and never for one who is isn’t. I believe that should extend to the proliferation of assault weaponry as well.
 If you are truly for life, you cannot approve of weapons of mass destruction being legal in our society. It’s not just unborn children at risk, it’s the born folks from kids to elderly and all between. The Church should speak that truth as well. That sentiment would be most welcome.
    Jim Hayek
    Douglas County

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