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Appreciation for the guidance of Bishop Sheridan

Letter to the Editor

10/18/2019 | Comments

As usual, Bishop Michael Sheridan provides thoughtful commentary, insightful analysis, and clear guidance for the Catholic faithful in his observations about abortion and the state of American culture (“The Good News and the Bad News for the Pro-Life Movement,” October 4, 2019). 
 Bishop Sheridan’s linkage of contraception to abortion and an anti-life mentality must be acknowledged by all Catholics, and the quotes he offers from the encyclical “Humanae Vitae” have proven that Pope Paul VI’s wisdom and foresight clearly must have been guided by the Holy Spirit.
Bishop Sheridan has provided such outstanding and outspoken leadership and pastoral guidance for so many years to the Colorado Springs diocese, but sometimes I (and perhaps many others) take him for granted. He truly has been a blessing for the people he shepherds, and as one views the landscape of Catholicism across the United States and the world, it’s clear that the Church needs many more bishops, priests, religious, and laity in the mold of Bishop Michael Sheridan.
 Many thanks to him for his continuing pastoral, moral, and spiritual leadership in spreading the truth of the Church and the love of Jesus Christ!
Paul Roach
Colorado Springs

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