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Holy Apostles celebrates third anniversary of perpetual adoration

03/06/2020 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. On Feb. 9, Holy Apostles Parish held a celebration of three years of perpetual eucharistic adoration at the parish. Over 150 people gathered in the parish hall to hear several adorers share their testimonies of how spending time in adoration has affected them. Following are excerpts from some of these testimonies:

Ann and Bill Christman: “We can do things out of fear and obligation. And we can do things for the reward of heaven, and those are awesome — truly rewarding,” said Bill Christman. “But when we do things out of love, we come to know our maker. And to know of our maker, and to know our maker, are two different things. And I think that’s what adoration is for me. It’s a time to sit with our Lord quietly, and get to know the person called Christ.

Ann Christman said that she especially appreciates the silence and peace of the chapel, and said that adoration “gives me time to pray and talk with Jesus about the things that are heavy on my mind, time to be grateful for the things that I have in my life, and times just to sit back and listen.”

Kim Almquist: “What an amazing gift of grace — a special time to sit and rest my heart in the arms of the Lord,” Almquist said. “Adoration has become the most sacred time in my life, along with time spent at Mass. The graces I have received during this time in adoration have been abundant.”

Doug Keane: Keane said that one of the biggest blessings he has received through eucharistic adoration is the perspective that God gives him on his life. An example was when he recently walked to adoration in the snow.

“I came over at 8 o’clock in the morning,” Keane said. “I was thinking how great I was for walking through the snow to come over here to adoration, and then the thought came to me, ‘well, you know, Jesus died on the cross for you — that kind of took a lot on his part. So get over yourself.’”

Kimberly Goodman: Goodman, a member of St. Gabriel the Archange Parish, explained her journey with adoration as a recent convert to Catholicism.

“One of the things that really drew me in to the Catholic faith was the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist,” she said. 

After being told about eucharistic adoration, her reaction was, “So you mean I can go and sit, right there in the presence of my Lord and Savior, and pray with him and talk with him and be close to him? I’m in! Let’s go. We’ve got to do this now!”

During her first experience in adoration Goodman said she “cried the entire time, because I was so overwhelmed — I was hooked.” She and her husband currently adore on Saturdays from 2-4 a.m. and 8-9 p.m. As difficult as it is, Goodman says, “those early morning hours are the times when I have heard his voice the most, where he has given me the most grace, the most mercy, and has shown me the most love.”

Katie Logan: Logan said that she has discerned a call to religious life partly as a result of spending time in adoration. Previously, her focus was mainly on being a person of service. But due to a deepening prayer life, she began spending more time in adoration.

“I asked Jesus, ‘what is it that you want from me and my life?’ As I continued with my prayer it was as if a movie reel began to play in my mind, and I could see images of people and places that I have served through the years. At the end of this reel were habited sisters,” Logan said. “Then I began to feel this pull on my heart and a connection to the images of the habited sisters remained in my mind as I gazed at Jesus and he gazed back at me. I remember feeling overwhelmed with a sense of love that filled me and a mysterious knowledge that this was his answer to my question.”

Joseph Martone: Martone, who is active in the pro-life movement, shared a powerful experience that happened several years ago. He was bitterly disappointed after a young girl went through with an abortion even though he had spoken with her for almost an hour outside the clinic.

After that, Martone said, “I quit doing anything for life. And many people talked to me. I had only been doing it for about a month and people were like, ‘it’s not a reason to stop.’”

In adoration one day, he explained, “I started to pray the rosary and I hear a voice: ‘You did good; you did the right thing.’” After hearing the same message several times, he left the chapel and spoke with a priest, who told him, “this was an affirmation and a confirmation.” Martone returned to pro-life work, helping to persuade women not to go through with planned abortions.

Thomas MacDougall: “‘Do you love me?’ These words led me to adoration and for signing up for the 4 a.m. time slot seven days a week. Did I make every single one? No, but here I am almost a year and a half still going. Why? Love is best expressed through sacrifice. When you give and it hurts, that is love. And when you sacrifice for a loved one, that relationship deepens, and God seeks the same. Through sacrifice and commitment we can achieve a deeper relationship with God and therefore, better enable him to enrich our lives and those lives we touch.”

Ann Marie Webb: Webb credits her time in the chapel with the healing of a badly torn knee over the course of a year. “The doctors tried hard to get me to have surgery but I believed that the Lord would heal me and he did,” Webb said. “I came to the chapel two times every day and I prayed, not just for myself but for others.”

Other parishes in the diocese are providing expanded opportunities for eucharistic adoration. Corpus Christi Parish now offers 24 hours of adoration from Monday after the 5:30 p.m. Mass until Tuesday at 5:20 p.m. St. Patrick Parish is planning to open a dedicated adoration chapel, and both parishes hope to eventually establish perpetual adoration.

For more information, contact Holy Apostles Parish, 719-597-4249, or

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