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Six Tips for Viewing Mass Online

04/03/2020 | Comments

Act of Spiritual CommunionQuarantine and forced isolation do not have to be an obstacle to daily participation in the Holy Mass. Many dioceses and Catholic media outlets are offering ways to follow the Mass online or on television. Of course, it’s not always easy to be attentive and pious when attending Mass in this way. So here are some suggestions for how to do so with more devotion under these circumstances:

1. Unite With Others. It’s better not to follow the Mass alone, so try to do so with your family, or with at least one other family member. When everyone’s focus is united, it’s easier to concentrate. Choose the Mass time that best suits everyone’s schedule, and make it a family event of the day.

2. Create the Right Setting. Take care of the atmosphere in the room. For example, you could put a cross or an image of Our Lady near your TV or computer, and light a candle or two if you have some.

3. Get Dressed. You might be at home, but leave the pajamas for bedtime and the tracksuit for sports time.

4. Go Through the Motions. Try to attend the Mass as if you were in your parish, standing when the Gospel is read, sitting down during the offertory, kneeling during the consecration, etc. These gestures are full of meaning.

5. Pray A Spiritual Communion. Although you can’t receive Jesus in the Eucharist, you can pray a spiritual communion. This is the one that St. Josemaría Escrivá used to pray: “I wish my Lord, to receive you with the purity, humility and devotion, with which your Most Holy Mother received you, with the spirit and fervor of the saints.” But there are many others.

6. What’s the Rush? Don’t be in a hurry: the Mass has incredible value, and right now there are so many things to pray for. Stay for a few moments after Mass has ended to pray for everyone: the deceased, the sick, health professionals, government officials and, of course, the Church, the Pope, our bishops and your parish.

(Reprinted with permission from Opus Dei, www.

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