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Thank you, America

Letter to the Editor

04/17/2020 | Comments

Thank you, America. This great nation has literally shut down to avoid the spread of this horrible disease. I am one of millions in the “high risk” bracket. Should I survive this pandemic unscathed, I will never know the many of you who sacrificed your freedoms and your income to protect me. So let me again say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The President of the United States said the other day that we may lose as many as 240,000 of us before this apocalyptic wave breaks. As truly unthinkable and tragic as that number is, I would take a moment to compare that prediction to the number of innocent children aborted in this blessed nation every year. Their uncelebrated passing is considered so insignificant that we don’t even bother to track the actual numbers, thought to be somewhere between 300,000 and 1 million. Perhaps this awful plague will be the catalyst that finally gets us to re-think our values, our national priorities and our individual relationships with God.

My heart warms at the good will and well-deserved support focused on our first responders and medical communities at this moment in our history. They are true heroes!

While the spirit of compassion is upon us, I would plead that we extend that same goodwill and appreciation to our military (active, reserve, and national guard) and their families for their sacrifice and diligence. We sometimes forget that in our service, a great many of them spend long months in harm’s way away from their loved ones.

Mike Junge


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