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Pandemic shouldn’t be used as opportunity to push agenda

Letter to the Editor

05/15/2020 | Comments

I find it interesting that that the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPICC) has taken the opportunity at this moment to write an opinion piece about the so-called “climate crisis” at a time when fully 20% of the workforce is now unemployed in a mere month and a half, and all of us have allowed government bureaucracy to trample on our right to worship God as we see fit and is proper to Him. So now the “current climate crisis” is a bigger threat? I wholeheartedly disagree.

Democrat strategist and former mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel famously said during the Obama Administration, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” This is what I see happening with the JPICC. They have ripped a page out of his playbook and are taking this opportunity, when life as we knew it has been completely shut down, to push their left-wing agenda to continue the government control under which we are currently suffering. We cannot even attend Mass, and they are pleading for “policy changes” to include “pollution reduction, increasing energy efficiency, enacting a carbon tax and promoting renewable energy.” I am not saying that anyone should be against those things (except for a “carbon tax!”) but that it does not stop with suggestions. No, they want the full power of a centralized, global (well, regional and national, for now) government to force such things.

This idea is not only un- American, it is anti-Catholic, and comes straight from the philosophy of atheist communism which is incompatible with Catholicism. (CCC No. 2425). The views of Larry Reisinger, et al. are dangerous and should be combated by learning about the authentic beliefs of the Church from her doctors, philosophers, theologians and pontiffs through the ages.

David M. Reyhons

Colorado Springs

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