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Virtual Marriage Encounter retreats will be offered during the summer months

06/05/2020 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. With couples being cooped up together for extended periods of time these past few months, now might be a great time to consider taking advantage of a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Experience Virtual Weekend. Normally, the virtual weekend experience is for couples who can’t get away for the entire weekend for a traditional Marriage Encounter Weekend. It allows couples to sleep in their own beds, and check in on children and animals during the meal time breaks.

According to Glen and Toni Gallegos, Southern Colorado Worldwide Marriage Encounter Application Couple, “social distancing makes it impossible to present the experience in any of our current venues. We are aware, now more than ever, of the financial and emotional stress, anxiety and isolation of these trying times. If ever we deserved the WWME Experience it is now!”

A virtual Marriage Encounter Experience will be held on June 26-28 and August 28-30. The weekend begins at 7 p.m. Friday night and ends around 3 p.m. on Sunday. Conducted through Zoom meetings, the weekend consists of a series of presentations made by the presenting team which includes three married couples and a priest.

Each presentation builds on the previous ones. The focus is on looking at each person’s own personality style, behavior and attitudes, as well as how those factor into the couple’s relationship with each other, and with God. Communication tools are taught that allow couples to come away and build on their strengthened relationship so that the weekend can be the beginning of a renewed marriage.

To participate in a virtual weekend experience, a computer or laptop/tablet with a camera and microphone are necessary, as well as a good internet connection. Instructions will be provided for anyone not having Zoom software available on their computer.

It is also suggested that couples with small children arrange childcare during the day, so that the couple can set aside a quiet place without distractions for the weekend.

Gallegos explained that the virtual experience, “while not as intimate as presenting in person, provides lots of opportunities to connect. The team will present this experience live and not taped.”

Gallegos added,“this will be the second virtual weekend we will have the pleasure of presenting. The first one was presented to Wyoming couples and was a big success.”

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has also provided resources to help families navigate special challenges caused by the pandemic. These include webinars, children’s activities, questions to guide family dialogue and more. Visit for more information.

To sign up for the weekend or for more information, please contact Glen and Toni Gallegos, 719-591-9045, or email, or Gary and Brenda Granger, 303-604- 6202.

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