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Couples say Catholic Marriage Prep helped them to be intentional

06/19/2020 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. Call it a silver lining or unintended consequence, but one good thing to come out of the coronavirus pandemic is that engaged couples now have more time to focus on the sacrament of matrimony and the Catholic Church’s teaching about marriage.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are postponing their weddings. But due to the current restrictions on the number of wedding guests as well as travel restrictions, these couples are less absorbed with planning elaborate receptions and honeymoons and are able to spend more time reflecting on the commitment they are about to make, according to a local expert on marriage preparation.

“These engaged couples didn’t postpone their marriage preparation; they didn’t postpone their weddings. They wanted to get married in the Catholic Church as scheduled, and all the restrictions didn’t deter their decision or their enthusiasm,” said Christian Meert, co-director of the Diocese of Colorado Springs’ Office of Marriage and Family Life and founder of

One such couple was Angelina and David.

“We powered through the COVID craziness and were married this past weekend,” Angelina said. “We were married in a private ceremony with our parents present, and then we were surprised with a parade through the park, where our family, friends and students greeted us from afar with posters. It was the perfect day. David was also baptized during the ceremony, making it extra special.”

Other engaged couples are finding that they are taking the Catholic faith more seriously, Meert said. One couple, Jake and Nicole, told Meert’s wife Christine that they had recently committed to attending Mass each week.

“We started going to church every Sunday, and I can tell you the looks on our parents’ faces were worth it,” Jake said. “I plan to continue the path we are going down. “I finally got Jake to start coming to church every Sunday and pray with me all the time, no matter what time of day it is,” Nicole added.

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