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Don’t condone discrimination against LGBT people

Letter to the Editor

08/07/2020 | Comments

Regarding the article in the June 19 issue, “USCCB President ‘deeply concerned’ about court’s LGBT ruling,” I am a good Catholic and I believe in the church’s teaching, but LGBT people are human being, and this article brings about prejudice in the church. I am happily married to a man and yes, I am a woman. I am sorry, but the LGBT person is born that way, they shouldn’t be punished or discriminated against by anyone. I was taught God loves all of his children, not just straight people! I am appalled to see this in our paper.

I don’t have a close relationship with anyone that is gay or who is a lesbian, but who am I to judge, and here the USCCB President is judging people. We should be standing up for the gay people’s rights, give them our enthusiasm as God’s children. People have sent children for therapy; they have put them down; they have tried all kinds of things except for love and acceptance. Love our neighbor, accept our neighbor for who they are. We don’t have to follow in their ways, we don’t have to agree with them, but we must love them and give them the same rights and freedoms we have. We should allow them to marry in our churches, we should allow them to receive Communion. It should be all about love and understanding. They are different, but they have a right to be treated as a human beings and given the same rights we men and women have in this world and in our church. My mom taught me not to hate, I learned that in the church, that God loves us with no ifs, ands or buts. I believe that wholeheartedly. Why must we judge because someone is different? My daughter was born with Down’s syndrome. I don’t treat her differently because she is different; she was a gift from God. My friend who is happily married has a female child that is gay and married to a woman. Her daughter went to the Catholic Church and they turned her away. This deeply hurt me to hear of this. Didn’t Pope Francis say who am I to judge? Well, who is the Catholic Church to judge?

We are all God’s children, every single one of us, no matter if we are black, white, Indian, Asian, Muslim, whatever, we are all God’s children including those LGBT people. This is where you get discriminated against because you discriminate against good people, and it isn’t right. God loves us all — not just people who can produce children.

I wish to remain in good standing with the church, but not if they are going to discriminate. How many people have left the church because of this, or other reasons? My whole family has left the church for one reason or another, I am the only one that goes to the Catholic Church on a regular basis. Stop discriminating against LBGT people. They are human beings and American citizens and deserve the same treatment as any other human being and any other American citizen.

Denise Moran

Castle Rock

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