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Country’s divisions are the work of the devil

Letter to the Editor

08/07/2020 | Comments

This country is turning into a nation of finger pointers.  However, no finger is being pointed to the real instigator behind every problem — Satan.  Jesus Christ’s plan for peace in this world not only includes “Love thy neighbor,” but also “Love thy enemy.”  Satan’s plan is the exact opposite “Hate thy neighbor” and even more, “Hate thy enemy.”  Satan is behind every conflict in the world, including those between husbands and wives,  parents and children, conservatives and liberals, employers and employees, whites and blacks, young and old,  Republicans and Democrats, and rich and poor. 

Besides conflict between individuals and groups, he promotes it between countries — and is especially pleased when it erupts into wars. One of the main things Satan wants is for there to never be any kind of forgiveness, of any kind, at any time, between individuals or groups or societies. 

Now why does Satan foment conflict? It’s all a matter of focus. As long as the mind is always against someone or something, it is not on what our focus should be on — the salvation of souls. If one is always thinking about getting revenge against another, there cannot be any concern for that person’s soul.  And any type of violence against the innocent certainly doesn’t fall within any of the 10 Commandments.  Now why has Satan been so successful?  Until this country’s government, courts, educational systems, and even the entertainment industries return to “one nation under God,” they will never be any peace in America — on any level.

                 Scott Anthony

                Colorado Springs

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