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Article painted incomplete picture of crime against blacks

Letter to the Editor

09/04/2020 | Comments

The article “Bishops ‘sickened’ by Floyd’s death, urge racism be met ‘head-on’” (Herald June 5 issue) was a very disappointing read from the leadership of my Church. It focused on the horrific murder of George Floyd by a bad officer in Minneapolis. I condemn the murder unequivocally — the majority of Americans do — just as I condemn the perverted pederasty carried out by pathetic priests. But, not all priests are bad. I opt to believe it is not a systemic failure. 
I have a question for the bishops: are they “spiritually sickened” by the number of black-on-black murders carried out every month in this country? It is far more horrific than the number of blacks shot by a few bad police officers. In 2019, nine unarmed black individuals were shot by a cop. In that same period of time, 19 unarmed Caucasians were shot by an officer. For every one black individual shot by a cop there are 270 shot by other blacks (Harvard study) in America. Bob Woodson, the black founder of the Woodson Center (and “1776”) calls it a, “9/11 every 6 months.” This pervasive, persistent number of black-on-black killings on the streets of U.S.A. is apparently just not enough to “spiritually sicken” the leadership of the Catholic Church. Why? Perhaps the media has not brought the revelation to the church’s attention. After all, the mainstream media’s mission is divisiveness. Dividing citizens against the police is a far more delicious pursuit. Painting a narrative of systemic racism is far more alluring. However, it is simply not so. This country bravely addressed systemic racism well over 150 years ago. Laws were instituted back then, in the interim, and following great unrest in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Enormous progress has been made since then. There are about one million police officers working in agencies across America. If racism were systemic, we’d have George Floyd-type protests/riots on a weekly basis.  
That said, racism exists around the globe. It’s endemic to humanity and meted out against many disparate groups. Just because the perverted grievance industry, created and sustained by the Democratic party, says there is systemic police racism in America does not make it so. Just because the corrupt mainstream media repeats this over and over again is no reason for Church officials to embrace and endorse it. There are ways to address injustices without parroting narratives of the corrupt media and failed politicians.
    Marshall Hunziker
    Colorado Springs

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