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Homosexual people are part of God’s family

Letter to the Editor

09/04/2020 | Comments

Thank you, Denise Moran, for your thoughtful response, with which I totally agree, regarding the USCCB’s concern about the court LGBT ruling.  However, we differ in experience as I do have relatives and friends who are gay.

I am a widowed female who was married for 53 yrs to a man; we had five children, one of whom happened to be a homosexual, but all of whom grew up in an active Catholic family attending and leading in youth group retreats and activities. Not surprisingly, my gay son left the Catholic church many, many years ago being judged as not quite up to the standard and not welcomed as a full member. So, yes indeed to your insights and opinion on the erroneous criteria passed down on those also loved by God and likewise a legitimate part of God’s family of human beings across the globe, even Catholic ones!

We are long overdue for the institutional church and many, not all, current bishops and cardinals to focus less on political bias, and more on existing clerical sinfulness and not homosexuality. Anyone making the effort to seek current and ongoing sexuality research already knows homosexuality is inherent, just as I am inherently female and my son’s four brothers are inherently male, and unless a homosexual person discerns the charism to be a celibate priest, could also be married.

                Gayle Rappold

                Colorado Springs

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