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Mask mandate stems from government, not church

Letter to the Editor

09/18/2020 | Comments

I was intrigued by the letter “Deeply Troubled by Catholics Wearing Masks in  Church” (Herald Sept. 4 issue).  

I think we all can agree that this pandemic has altered our way of life. Christian worship in the United States, long characterized by its adherence to tradition, appears to have been significantly altered by the coronavirus pandemic. 

While I believe your thoughts are noteworthy, I suspect many across the state and country take no pleasure in wearing masks. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced a statewide mask mandate requiring face coverings be worn in public spaces indoors to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 
The leaders of our Church are merely adhering to the mandate by the state government. I would argue that your profound and true message would be best served in a letter to the governor or even perhaps making a visit to his office — wear your mask of course! 
    Rufina E. Butler  
    Colorado Springs 

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