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Wearing a mask as an act of kindness

Letter to the Editor

09/18/2020 | Comments

May I offer another view in contrast to the Letter to the Editor from Robert R in Castle Rock?

In the early stages of the pandemic, I read a piece by Mary Beth Bonacci in the Denver Catholic (, pg 23, or which told the story of a woman who was undiagnosed, went to Mass four times, attended social gatherings, and was linked to 90 cases of the coronavirus. It set the tone for my view. As a resident of Parker, I wear my mask diligently as My Act of Support and Kindness to the vulnerable and first responders. I also wear it for the unborn children of my daughter and daughter-in-law, the asthmatics in my immediate family, for my husband in love (and solidarity), and for my community. I will continue to do so. God “gets me”.

I (and I’m sure most people) have struggled with the mask/no mask issue. Let Mother Teresa be our guide, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

                Marice Erickson


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