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Hungering for Something Greater than Feminism or Misogyny?

02/01/2017 | Comments

The headline of Saint Peter’s Pen and Press might have read: “Eve Marches on Washington Flaunting Tooth-Marked Apple” with the subheadline: “Celebration marks renewal of Original Sin. Adam, still feckless, cheers in support of his woman’s choice.

Oh! How desperately we in this valley of tears hunger for something greater than men run amuck or women run amuck! How desperately we hunger and fill ourselves with all we can find only to find ourselves more desperately hungry!

Just as misogyny’s natural result is the abuse of women and children, feminism’s natural result is castrated men and wombs turned to tombs.

Do not fall for the lie that feminism is more enlightened than misogyny or that our only choices are misogyny on one hand, feminism on the other. These are the silky, sultry, seductions of the serpent, and of them we must repent!

For any who harbored doubts of this truth, that feminism and misogyny are both evil and inherently do the work of Satan, the world-wide “Women’s” March on Saturday January 21, 2017, which invited all women of all beliefs but explicitly disinvited anyone who was pro-life (and thus couldn’t be a woman?), must in every reasoned person remove it.

Yet what alternative is there to “man’s way” or “woman’s way”? Are we not trapped in this valley of tears, with no way out, no hope? Without Jesus our Savior, the dawn from on high, yes, we are trapped. But Jesus our Christ offers us another way. Jesus’ way. Unlike man’s way or woman’s way, which neglect God’s authority and instead wield earthly power over others, Jesus’ way requires humble obedience to God’s authority. Humility, in fact, is the gateway to all the gifts God offers us, including the initial gift of faith, required to assent to Jesus in the first place. That’s right. We have to have faith before we can have faith. How? Have the humility to ask. That’s all. Then God’s invitation is right before us, and we have only to assent to Him to accept it.

How do we choose Jesus’ way?

1.      Assent to Jesus.

2.      Come to know Jesus. (Sacred Scripture and Catholic Tradition)

3.      Love Jesus. (Actions revealing faith)

Each step requires humble obedience to Jesus and to all whom Jesus places in authority over us. Humility is the gateway virtue and allows us to see and accept the freely given gift of faith from the Holy Spirit, which is how we get sin out of the way and allow God to get the ball rolling.

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