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Catholic apologist Trent Horn speaks at St. Mark Parish in Highlands Ranch

10/01/2021 | Comments

HIGHLANDS RANCH. Popular speaker and Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn visited St. Mark Parish in Highlands Ranch on Sept. 12 to talk about one of the more critical issues facing youth and their parents today: human sexuality and identity.

Horn presented a rational defense of the Catholic Church’s understanding of sexuality, sexual identity, and marriage, demonstrating the incoherence of modern assertions that human sexuality has no meaning beyond what we assign to it, and that “tolerance” is the chief virtue.

As we know, many today reject the traditional understanding of human sexuality and have embraced contemporary LGBTQ+ ideology to varying degrees. Because topics involving sex often provoke strong emotions, civil discussions can be difficult if not impossible. When confronted by people who are hostile to our Christian views on these matters, Horn recommends engaging with them calmly and rationally, avoiding the angry, confrontational approach that is all too common.

By using logic and reason, tempered with empathy, we can guide our interlocutors to at least begin questioning their assumptions. Simple questions such as “What do you think marriage is for?” “What makes someone a man or a woman?” and “Why do you think that?” can lower their defenses and help them to reflect on why they believe as they do.

While he cautions against expecting on-the-spot conversions, Horn said he believes that by trying to start genuine conversations, we can plant the seeds that may one day bring people to acknowledge the truth of God’s revealed plan for human sexuality and identity.

Horn’s presentation lasted about 45 minutes, followed by questions. The audience walked away with a better grasp of the problems posed by LGBTQ+ ideologies, along with some tools to defend the truth gently but firmly when confronted.

For additional information, check out the book by Horn and co-author Leila Miller, “Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues.”

(Steve Johnson is director of communications for St. Mark Parish in Highlands Ranch.)

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