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Q&A about the Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner

12/03/2021 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. The next Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner (BRLD) will take place on Oct. 27, 2022, at Broadmoor Hall. Please mark your calendar, save the date, and set a reminder to get your tickets early! Bishop Golka will be our speaker and we will showcase all the elements of the Respect Life Apostolate.

In the two months since the 2021 dinner on Oct. 6, the BRLD committee has gathered many comments regarding the event, crunched numbers, and discussed the ways in which we can make the 2022 dinner even better.

In the course of gathering that information, the committee were asked questions that were repeated often enough we thought it might be helpful to do a quick BRLD Q&A:


Why do we have the dinner at the Broadmoor?

The Broadmoor Hall is the only facility large enough to hold our group on a single night.


Purchasing a ticket is a donation to Respect Life, right?

Actually, the price of a ticket does not cover the cost of a dinner, let alone the other expenses of the evening. We rely on generous sponsors to help offset the cost of the dinner itself. By keeping the price of the dinner reasonable, we can fill the room with enthusiastic pro-life warriors of all ages including some who might not be able to afford to participate otherwise.


Will the cost of the dinner be going up in the future?

The Broadmoor has always given us a very fair price for our dinner, but like everywhere, costs are going up, so we expect ticket and table prices to increase in 2022.


The lines for the bar were too long and the drinks were too expensive, can’t we do better? 

The Broadmoor catering department was very apologetic about the bar situation, but they were dealing with extreme staffing challenges (as are most commercial operations). The committee is investigating alternatives such as passing a first glass of wine.


Why were there two donation envelopes? It was confusing.

We felt the 2021 BRLD was a great opportunity to present Mater Filius, the Maternity Home project, to a large group of folks who we hope will support it. There are no plans to have multiple donation envelopes in the future.


How’d the dinner do?

While the dinner is primarily about connecting with each other in a beautiful spot with inspiring messages and a great speaker, the fundraising aspect was very successful. To date, over $39,000 was donated for Mater Filius operations and $38,000 for Respect Life activities.


Can I make suggestions for changes to the dinner?

Of course! We are anxious to consider any feedback from this or past dinners. Send your comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. to Julie Bailey, Director of the Respect Life Apostolate, at


In summary, we all agreed with the Bishop Golka’s assessment that the 2021 dinner was a spirited night whose energy filled the room. He was excited to see so many diverse groups represented from throughout the diocese, as well as friends from organizations like Life Network, Save The Storks, and Students for Life who, while perhaps not Catholic, share our passion for the sanctity of life. We are all looking forward to another great event next fall.

(Julie Bailey is Director of the Respect Life Apostolate of the Diocese of Colorado Springs.)

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