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THE BISHOP'S CROZIER: Praying for each other’s intentions

02/04/2022 | Comments

Recently our Diocesan Office of Stewardship and Development helped me to send a mailing to each family in the diocese. In that mailing, I simply asked you to offer any prayer intentions to me. We then divided up all the families’ intentions into specific days and times during which I would take time to pray for those intentions.

We originally thought it would take an hour each day, but we soon discovered it usually took over two hours for me to sufficiently offer each intention.

As Catholics we know the power of intercessory prayer. I sometimes wonder if we appreciate the power and gift of this kind of prayer. God seems to delight when we pray for each other because it helps us to better care for each other. I am writing this note to express to you how deeply I was touched by this somewhat simple act. Taking time to pray for your specific intentions was a true gift for me. I felt like a bishop as I unworthily and simply received the prayers of the people of the diocese and offered them up to God.

An important part of the prayer for me was to name each person for whom I was asked to pray. I felt a connection and I felt the honor of presenting you to our Lord. When you offered your intentions, we promised to keep them confidential. During the prayer periods I would often find myself writing down “generic” intentions which struck my heart. I offer them to you now. I encourage you to take time to pray for these intentions and for the people behind them.

For my struggle to go to confession!

For healing so I am not blocked by resentment.

That we all come closer to sainthood.

For our marriage so we may realize the happiness God intends for us.

For our family to come back together.

Protection from evil.

For all couples struggling with infertility.

For healing of loneliness.

For healing, or that the Lord can help me deal with it better.

Prayers for a good confession.

To slow down and spend time focusing on our faith and family.

That our family can be like the Holy Family.

Thanksgiving for graces received.

For our parish — especially for welcome of new members.

For greater trust in the Lord’s plan.

For an end to COVID and an end to abortion.

That the anxiety and darkness will be removed.

That we would put our whole trust in God’s will.

For our children to see joy in the world around them.

For my fiancé and myself as we prepare for a blessed marriage.

For all who suffer, that they may feel God’s loving, healing presence in their lives.

That we accept God’s will for our life and choose the path of suffering and poverty that we’ve been given.

For healing of anxiety and depression.

For the grace to accept what comes.

For a return to civility.

May the idea of abortion become unthinkable.

That I will be the priest Jesus wants me to be.

For adult children who no longer practice the Catholic faith.

For the health of our world, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For a former spouse who has passed.

In Thanksgiving for countless blessings.

Healing from addiction.

That we uphold our vows as spouses, parents and primary teachers of the faith.

For an increase in faith, hope, charity, humility, silence, mercy and peace.

For God to show me my purpose.

For marriages that are deeply troubled; that we persevere, have hope, faith, forgiveness and grow together.

For the grace to suffer well.

For the grace to know God’s love more closely.

That I continue to focus on welcoming Jesus into my life.

Our family to grow in faith, love, peace and serenity.

For the graces to become more patient and less angry.

Help me to forgive past offenses against me.

Help me to heal Lord.

For surrender and trust in God.

That we may go deep into what the Lord is calling us.

For those who have fallen away from the Church since COVID, that they may come back home.

That the Lord would make us into saints for His glory.

Please know that I continue to pray for you daily.

In Christ,

Bishop Golka

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