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The Power of Prayer

03/18/2022 | Comments

In the Bible, one reads about the different miracles Jesus performs and you get a sense of his power and grace, yet until you experience some miracle yourself you never truly grasp the greatness of God.

A couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness — essentially something with no cure that would require treatments for the rest of my life to try and keep me functioning in a normal way. The diagnosis left me in turmoil and questions like “Why me?” “What will I lose out on?” “How often will I be sick?” “Can I live a normal life?” and “What now?” swirled around in my mind constantly.

Even as I started to try to come to terms with my new reality, I was thrown another curve ball;  the insurance company did not want to cover the treatments the doctor wanted. Unfortunately, the treatments are each ten of thousands of dollars and are needed every two weeks, so without coverage, they were well out of my reach. I was left feeling hopeless and worried what would I do now. The doctor’s office had already scheduled the treatments because they had been sure I would get approved for them and I needed to start treatment as soon as possible. I appealed the decision, but it seemed like a long shot since the treatments were so expensive and the insurance company had already said no once.

Then in the mail I received a prayer card title “Believe in Miracles,” with a prayer to St. Jude asking for his intercession in our time of need. I felt this was a sign from God that I needed to pray to St. Jude in my time of need, so I started saying the prayer on the card and kept the St. Jude medal that came with it near me. A few days later, one of my mom’s coworkers, knowing nothing about the situation, shared a book with her about St. Jude which further described how St. Jude is the patron saint of hope and impossible causes. He is there to help individuals remain faithful to God when all seems lost. This fit perfectly with my situation, and I felt like it was further evidence that God wanted me to reach out through prayers to St. Jude.

So, I kept praying to St. Jude to deliver a miracle and let the insurance company change its mind about covering my procedure during the appeal process. Shortly thereafter I got a call from the doctor’s office. My infusion treatment had been approved just in the nick of time as I was scheduled to have the treatment in two days. My miracle was delivered! I was so elated and praised God and St. Jude for making it happen.

Unfortunately, my joy was short lived. When I went for the treatment two days later, I learned there was a catch. Only the first stage of my treatment was approved; the second stage was denied and would have to be appealed again. This immediately brought back worry, fear, desperation, and frustration.

I knew I would need another small miracle to be able to stay on the right track with my health and treatments, so I started praying again to St. Jude. At the store my mom saw St. Jude candles. We got one and said a prayer as we lit the candle, which would now stand as a symbol of our hope that another miracle would come.

About three weeks later, the second miracle came in the form of a letter from the insurance company stating they would cover the second stage of my treatment for the next year. My mom and I shed tears of joy for our prayers had been answered not once but twice!

I fully believe that God delivered St. Jude to us in our time of need to be a symbol of hope and to remind us to keep faith when all seems lost. St. Jude in turn interceded on my behalf to God and delivered the small miracles I needed.

So, if you find yourself lost, hopeless, in a difficult situation, or in great need reach out to St. Jude and seek his assistance for your own miracles. The power of prayer is amazing and will help get you through the darkest times.

(Jessica Rosenthal is a member of Our Lady of the Visitation Parish in Elizabeth.)

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