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‘A Knight’s Rosary’ now offered as two-CD set that includes Divine Mercy Chaplet

08/05/2022 | Comments

CASTLE ROCK. Since producing their first rosary book in 2000, the Knights of Columbus at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Castle Rock have followed up with “A Knight’s Rosary,” a two-CD set containing all four sets of mysteries of the rosary and a Children’s Rosary with meditations, songs, and background music. In addition, the CDs include the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with meditations, as well as the Angelus with music.

In the 1990s, the Knights sent out 62,000 books, tapes and CDs all over the world, and the tape with the original 15 mysteries won the top Knights of Columbus religious project award two years running. As with reproducing the books, the CDs came about at the urging of others. We received hundreds of letters from people saying this was their favorite rosary tape. After much prayer, we decided to remake it and add other prayers. It is pretty obvious that our world is in great need of prayer.

We also received calls and letters telling us of conversions to Catholicism, of people returning to the Church, and one particularly touching story. Sisters Josette and Georgette Markovitz, twin sisters and both nuns who worked at St. Anthony Hospice in Denver, told us about a man on his deathbed who had been away from the Church for years.

“He was raising a ruckus and adamantly refused to see a priest. To quiet him down, I asked if he wanted to listen to my rosary tape (the Knight’s Rosary tape) and he agreed,” Sister Josette said. “After some time had passed, he called for me with tears in his eyes and asked to see a priest. He received the sacraments and died later that night.” It is no coincidence that the Knights of Columbus motto is, “Saving one soul at a time, beginning with our own.”

The “A Knight’s Rosary” CD set is offered for $12 to the general public and $8 for Knights of Columbus councils, parishes, religious goods stores, and religious priests, sisters, and brothers. The best prices are available at:

Those who are not able to order online should add $3 to the cost of each CD set — $11 each for Knights of Columbus councils, parishes, religious, religious goods stores; and $15 each for all others. Send to: A Knights Rosary, 4936 Shelby Drive, Castle Rock 80104.

The companion book for “A Knight’s Rosary”

is also available on the website or by mail at a price of $6 per book. Checks should be mailed to the same address; credit card orders are not accepted by mail. The books are being sold below cost, so additional donations are appreciated. 

The Castle Rock Knights are hoping that other councils and churches will join them in this special way to “increase prayer and make it more meaningful.”

(Gary Kuntz is project chairman for “A Knight’s Rosary.”)

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