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Article on Trump’s action was misleading

03/03/2017 | Comments

Regarding the article in the Feb. 3 issue of the Herald, “Trump’s action banning refugees brings outcry from church leaders,” such a statement is a mischaracterization of President Trump’s intention. He did not “ban refugees” as implied in the article. He suspended immigration from specific regions where jihadists are in control or from failed states where proper vetting isn’t possible.

The “outcry from church leaders” is ill advised.  Keeping jihadist killers out of our society is critical and makes imminent common sense, especially when the Body of Christ and its worship spaces are their targets!

Also, to those who say “not all Muslims are like that,” jihad is an Islamic term, and theologically, all Muslims have a Qur’anic mandate to participate in jihad.  There is no way to differentiate between those who do and those who don’t.

Consider the “M&M metaphor” — if you had a jar of M&Ms and were told not all of them are laced with strychnine, would you put the jar out for your children?

            David Petteys

            Highlands Ranch

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