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Criticism of travel restrictions unfounded

02/17/2017 | Comments

Catholic Church leaders spoke out against the president’s decision to restrain travel from specifically-identified countries found to be hell-bent on the destruction of the United States.

This is a time-specific travel restraint — 120 days. It includes seven countries, two of which are state-sponsors of terrorism — Sudan and Iran. Iran is the same country which adamantly denies that the holocaust ever occurred and wishes to incinerate Israel as well — the country which proclaims loudly and repetitively, “Death to America” while sending support to ISIS and others who would help them in their evil quest.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said, “We must screen vigilantly for infiltrators who would do us harm, but we must always be equally vigilant in our welcome of friends.”

As it pertains to the countries identified, this sentence cannot be reconciled — not under current conditions.

One would ask why the bishops do not give proper weight to the sovereignty of America, the most philanthropic, compassionate and welcoming country in the history of the world. Proof of this is found written on every coin minted in this country and is affirmed by the vast number of foreigners who yearn to enter our borders for its opportunities, its freedoms and its liberties. God bless this great country and protect it from those who send and those who welcome Trojan horses.

M. S. Hunziker

Colorado Springs  

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