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Local ecumenical prayer service marks 500th anniversary of the Reformation

03/17/2017 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. Bishop Michael Sheridan and Bishop James Gonia of the Rocky Mountain Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America presided over an ecumenical prayer service at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on March 12. It was identical to the one Pope Francis held in Sweden.

Bishop Michael Sheridan (back row, center), Lutheran Bishop James Gonia (at right) and local Catholic and Lutheran clergy are pictured at an ecumenical prayer service marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on March 12 at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs. (Photo by Peter Fecteau)

Deacon Patrick Jones, who writes a blog for the Diocese of Colorado Springs’ website titled “Credo Family” (,  is inviting youth and adults to submit essays reflecting on the question, “What if Martin Luther in 1517 healed a rift rather than causing one? What would be different today? Why? How?”

Entries will be divided into middle school, high school, college and adult categories. Deadline for submissions is May 1. Submissions should be sent to, with “Credo Conversations #1” in the subject line.

“Martin Luther’s actions in 1517 were pivotal to everything since,” Deacon Jones said. “Five hundred years later, we feel the division his actions created in the Body of Christ. Perhaps creatively imagining the world now had he worked within the Church to heal a rift rather than create one might help reveal what we can do now to heal that same rift he created. Would there be anything different about how society, politics, war, faith, nations, science, philosophy, medicine, family and humanity itself developed over the last 500 years? It will be fascinating to see where people go in prayerfully playing with this question!”

 Participants are also invited to post on social media using the hashtag #whatif1517healed. 

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