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Our Church Today: Battle of the Intergenerational Beer Commercial

09/29/2017 | Comments

Pope Francis, through Amoris Laetitia, has created and then chosen not to quell controversy over Church teaching on the reception of Communion by divorced Catholics. Many voices around the globe have divided themselves into factions reminiscent of the great latter-20th century beer commercial where each side cried “Less Filling!” and “Tastes great!” in polarizing fashion.

For an adult take on this with Ignatian equipoise pointing out the foolishness and righteousness on both sides, read this post in National Catholic Register.

My take on all of this is simple. It resembles the beer commercial. One side cries “Love!” and the other “Law!” We are approaching three generations after the cultural upheaval of the Church known as Vatican II. The first generation over-implemented change, justifying it with cries of “Relationship!” The second generation tried to turn back the clock in the name of “Right!” Perhaps the third generation will catch up with those wise guzzlers of American swill who recognized the false dichotomy and realized that both sides are right but incomplete without the other.

Our church is caught in an intergenerational beer commercial and I just want to shout for all to hear: “Right AND Relationship!” “Love AND Law!” 

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