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St. Paul students express their gratitude in several ways

12/15/2017 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. The St. Paul Catholic School Community feels thankful every day for the many gifts it is given. That was especially true during the month of November.

Students started the month giving thanks to the school, parish and God by sharing their gifts at the All Saints Museum. They continued their thanks by honoring our Veterans at the annual Veteran’s Day program.  Being thankful for all they have, students and community members helped feed families for Thanksgiving.  And before leaving for the Thanksgiving week, students shared what they were thankful for every day.

The Saints Museum showcased the virtues of 7th- and 8th-grade students’ confirmation saints. Each student researched a different saint, dressed up like their saint and then were able to teach those that pushed their button and made them “come alive.” This has been a favorite activity of the school for many years. Students in the elementary school were amazed as they went from saint to saint and listened to the stories that were told.

We continued our thanks by honoring veterans at the annual Veteran’s Day program, a musical tribute with student performances from each grade.  Veterans from the parish and school communities joined us the morning of Nov. 8 as the students led the daily Mass. They then enjoyed a continental breakfast hosted by St. Paul Catholic School.  When stomachs were full, our guest veterans were welcomed with loud rounds of clapping, sing-a-longs, and a salute by our students.  This year the school community was honored with a reciprocated salute from our veterans.  As always, this is a special tribute to those that continue to protect and serve.

Students and community members also organized a food drive to successfully feed 30 less fortunate families for Thanksgiving. Our student council members assembled 30 complete dinners and donated to Fountain-Fort Carson Community Outreach Program.  We were also fortunate enough to be able to provide three complete dinners to needy families of St. Paul School and Parish.  It is a humbling experience for all students at our school as they collect enough food to feed those that might not have what they take for granted.     

Before leaving for the Thanksgiving week, students wrote about what they are thankful for every day. Some of their responses:

— “I’m thankful for my loving family, caring friends, my talents, and my school where I can share my faith.”

— “I am thankful for the beautiful world around me and the people in it.”

— “I am grateful for people who understand, love, care and take time to get to know me.”

— “I am thankful I am able to learn my faith every day at school.”

— “I am thankful for my teachers that help me thrive in my classes and my parents who push me to be the best daughter I can be and give me courage and strength throughout the days.”

They are also thankful for their parents, house, bed, good education, the ability to play sports, and many other gifts they are blessed with.

Students finished the month of “thanks-giving” by learning more about the Catholic faith, showing gratitude for others’ sacrifice and service, feeding those in need, and remembering for what they are most appreciative. Our St. Paul’s community savored the love and joy that comes from showing gratitude, in its many ways, to God.



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