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Africa: Facing Life or Death

04/06/2018 | Comments

PUEBLO. Life or death? Due to a prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, that’s the question youth and adults in Africa are faced with when considering whether to honor God’s law of abstinence before marriage and faithfulness in marriage.

Last month, seven Coloradans participated in a mission trip to Tanzania with Universal Chastity Education (UCE), where they observed outstanding presentations by the UCE Tanzanian team instructing and encouraging the youth to abstain from sex before marriage or to choose abstinence if they had already engaged in sex, all with God’s help. The group included Hannah Rush, Dr. Dennis Gimlin, Lynn Gimlin, Drs. Ken and Kim Dernovsek, and Trent and Sarah Smith. They also witnessed daily challenges normal to native Africans, including power outages, primitive bathroom facilities, and unpredictable road conditions One time the group had to walk a short distance to reach the school since the road was too muddy for the vehicle to pass. The Africans fondly termed the walk on the muddy road “dancing without the music!”

During the group’s stay in Tanzania, over 1,000 youth received this message enthusiastically in Catholic and public schools! One school the group attended was noteworthy because the principal himself had signed a UCE card in his youth and wanted the UCE team to come to his school so his students could receive the message of chastity.

At the end of each presentation, those students who signed a chastity card to abstain from sex before marriage read it aloud together. (A video of the event can be seen at

To date, over 408,000 youth have signed chastity cards through UCE. For more information about UCE or to kindly consider supporting this life-saving work, visit or contact Sarah Smith at 719-248-8828 or

(Sarah Smith is USA director of Universal Chastity Education)

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